Lasse, Danmark

My name is Lasse Justesen, and I am currently on my M2 exchange semester at University of Texas at Austin, USA. I have a bachelor´s degree in innovation and business engineering from University of Southern Denmark.

I decided to apply to HEC Paris because I wanted to build on my bachelor with a Master in Management of highest international standard. I applied to a number of different schools and amongst others went to a top German Business School for an interview. I had just received my letter of acceptance from HEC Paris at that time, and when this came up in the conversation during the breaks people looked funny at me and asked: “then what are you doing here?” and that settled my decision for me.

My M1 was full of fundamental classes, which were amazing for me, since I didn´t have a business background and needed to get up to speed. They started with the basics, but went through the material really fast. I talked to a few students who said that there was more focus on group work and presentations at HEC than in their Bachelor schools. Living on campus made this hectic life very enjoyable. We lived in a park, within shouting distance of each other, which led to many good evenings.

Since I didn´t want to end my education without having proper work experience I took the opportunity to take a gap year, which I spent in Vancouver as an personal assistant to the CEO of a Real Estate company. I was part of the company´s refinancing process; from discovery of the need, to the closing of the deal.

As stated above I am now in Austin, Texas, as part of my International Business specialization. It is my intention to create as strong a network here too before finishing my degree and start my career, which will hopefully take me as far around the world as possible.